Present Realities / Highlights of Preferred Alternative Plans

Highlights of Preferred Alternative

Sheldon Preliminary Alternatives

Trout Creek Extinction

About kortumofdiscovery

Kortum of Discovery (a slight play on Lewis & Clark's Corps of Discovery) is a family team that is Affirming the Exceptional Beauty of Nature, one Adventure at a Time. With a focus toward rare and endangered species in the Great Basin and American west: discoveries, unique methodologies, and many “tall tales to tell” are continually being shared around the campfire!
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2 Responses to Present Realities / Highlights of Preferred Alternative Plans

  1. Joe DiSilvestro says:

    Is the Virgin Creek mentioned, the one in NV ? Are there still remants of the Alvord CT still in Virgin Creek, NV ?

    Thank you,
    Joe DiSilvestro

    • For a few years Nevada has been willing to acknowledge the prospect of Alvords still existing in Virgin Creek . . . they’ve had a few “near misses” where phenotypical Alvords were caught, but in each case the DNA indicated (approx) 50% introgression with RT. (This would be motivating news to me, but it seems much the opposite effect for NDOW.)

      They’ve shut down any fishing in Virgin Creek to the public, yet it seems NDOW / USFWS are challenged to truly search the entire system for any remnant of alvordensis (though they have good reason to believe there has been a relict population of Alvords there).

      (The regulations for 2013 have the refuge closed again – except for limited stocked areas . . . it could be exceptionally meaningful if NDOW / USFWS would invite genuine Native Trout Enthusiasts to participate in the quest for alvordensis.)

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