Variations in Spotting Patterns, Coloration and Characteristics – Opercula, Spots and Pigmentation / Interesting – Disquieting

While some of the embedded thumbnail photos below may land in the category of a specific classification of trout — yet some reflect highly unusual coloration, some show shortened opercula (gill plates), some display large or many spots and some just reveal hybridization.

An alarming number of anomalies can be identified in the trout of this tiny system…   While it may be difficult to differentiate from environmental vs. genetic (hereditary) causation; it is interesting to contemplate what the actual factors are that have resulted in these effects.

About kortumofdiscovery

Kortum of Discovery (a slight play on Lewis & Clark's Corps of Discovery) is a family team that is Affirming the Exceptional Beauty of Nature, one Adventure at a Time. With a focus toward rare and endangered species in the Great Basin and American west: discoveries, unique methodologies, and many “tall tales to tell” are continually being shared around the campfire!
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