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Remnant Oncorhynchus clarki alvordensis phenotypes – Hope – A Few Photographs of Phenotypical Alvord Cutthroat Trout :

Embedded are a few thumbnails and links to photos and videos of phenotypical Alvord cutthroat trout. (Simply click on the thumbnail or link to see the full photo or brief video.) 

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Variations in Spotting Patterns, Coloration and Characteristics – Opercula, Spots and Pigmentation / Interesting – Disquieting

While some of the embedded thumbnail photos below may land in the category of a specific classification of trout — yet some reflect highly unusual coloration, some show shortened opercula (gill plates), some display large or many spots and some just reveal hybridization. An alarming number … Continue reading

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Late July, Some Still Spawning – Summary

Photos at end of post showing a few instances of ‘spawning shock’ still underway in late July—potentially an indication of a deferred spawning season in contrast to other strains of cutthroat trout. Continue reading

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