***** Creek Sampling, July 26, 27, 28 ( 2010 )

Brief note from Shannon, preparatory to sampling project July 2010.

From: Shannon Hurn
Sent: Friday, July 09, 2010 1:15 PM
To: ‘David Kortum’; ‘Patrick Trotter’; ‘Helen Neville’; ‘James_Leal@blm.gov’
Cc: Shannon Richardson; ‘Markle, Douglas F – FW’; ‘Jessica Sall’
Subject: Sampling ***** Creek July 26, 27, 28

In an effort to get the ball rolling on this project please take a look at the attached document. This is a rough schedule and meal plan for an outing to sample ***** Creek. Originally I had hoped to include the weekend of the 24th/25th, however we will be treating Mann Ranch pond and ditch to remove goldfish late the previous week and it is too much of a workload on our staff.

I have a call into the refuge to see if we could camp at ***** Creek campground and what facilities are available. If this does not work out we will stay at Hot Spring Campground.

In addition to three to four ODFW district staff we will have the Youth Corp. young adults assist as well (four 15 to 16 year olds), and anyone else we can con into fishing.

Please take a look at the attachment. Send me suggestions or changes, needed equipment, etc. or issues you may have with the food so we can adjust ahead of time.

Also, please let me know by July 19th if you are able to come so we can plan to feed you and your group.



Shannon M. Hurn ><(((( º º>

District Fish Biologist, Malheur Watershed District

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, PO Box 8, Hines, OR  97738

ODFW-Shannon Hurn


About kortumofdiscovery

Kortum of Discovery (a slight play on Lewis & Clark's Corps of Discovery) is a family team that is Affirming the Exceptional Beauty of Nature, one Adventure at a Time. With a focus toward rare and endangered species in the Great Basin and American west: discoveries, unique methodologies, and many “tall tales to tell” are continually being shared around the campfire!
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